Behaviour Policy

20th Worcester Code of Behaviour

Scouting is about FUN, FRIENDSHIP AND ADVENTURE. To achieve this safely we must have good behaviour from our leaders and young people.

These are the behaviour requirements for all sections, but should be re-written by our sections as their own code of conduct.


Uniform will be worn for all activities unless you are told differently.

Uniform will be worn correctly and without fuss for all formal parts of the evening.


Everyone should listen when required to do so.

Instructions are important, especially for very adventurous activities. Interruptions, talking over others, chatting and making noise all make giving and hearing instructions difficult.

If a leader calls for quiet, then everyone should stop what they are doing and remain quiet until told to do otherwise.

Friendly and Helpful

All members should treat others in a way they would like to be treated themselves. Especially by being friendly to others.

Everyone should try their best at all games and activities, whether they enjoy them or not.

We should always encourage others.

Time Keeping

We should all try our hardest to make sure meetings start and finish at the correct time. This includes leaders and parents!


Respect should be shown to all individuals, equipment, property and the environment.

Bullying and personal violence will not be tolerated.


All activities will be run in accordance with Scout Association rules and procedures.

Everybody must obey all safety instructions.

Unsafe behaviour will result in exclusion from the activity.


All members should tell the truth and show that they can be trusted.

Members are expected to keep their promise!

Discipline Procedures

Behaviour in accordance with this policy will be rewarded.

Persistent behaviour contrary to this policy shall mean temporary exclusion from the current activity.

Further repeated behaviour that does not fit with this policy shall result in exclusion from the current session. The parents will be informed about the change in behaviour that is required. The Group Scout Leader shall be made aware of this exclusion.

If the behaviour continues, then a personal behaviour goal will be drawn up between the section member, their parent/carer and the section leaders. Failure to comply with this may result in permanent exclusion from the group.