GDPR Privacy Statement

Privacy Statement

20th Worcester require certain information in order to run our group and to keep your child safe. The holding of this data is a requirement of your membership.

Within 20th Worcester your child’s information can only be viewed by the adults that need to see it.

When we attend an event that is run by another member of The Scout Association and your child is attending, we will share your child’s data with the organisers. For example, if we attend a District or County run camp, we will share data with the organising team.

There will be two ways that we will gather your information.

  1. You will have contacted our group by email in order to join the group. 20th Worcester would then have collected your child’s name, gender and date of birth; and your name, postal address, email address and a phone number.
  2. Once your child has started in the group you will have been invited to log in to our online membership database (Online Scout Manager) and fill in the extra details we require. These details are an emergency contact name and number, any medical details for your child and your child’s religion (if any). We will require the name of your doctor’s surgery and your NHS number. You may also at this time add a second contact name and contact details if you choose to. We also collect information on whether your child can swim and ride a bike. Some of this data will change over time and you are expected to keep it up to date.

    We also need to gather consent for photos. This consent will be gathered as part of planning for an event. We will also try and get consent from the young people at the time the photo is taken if we feel it is one we would like to use on our website or Facebook page.

    Finally, we ask you to allow us to claim back gift aid on the subs you pay us monthly and for all other valid donations. By ticking the gift aid box you are declaring that you are a UK taxpayer and understand that if you pay less Income Tax and/or Capital Gains Tax in the current tax year than the amount of Gift Aid claimed on all your donations it is your responsibility to pay any difference.

Why we need the data we collect

Data Why it is Collected
Child’s Name We need to be able to identify your child
Child’s Gender This is necessary for camp planning
Child’s DOB This is required in order to ensure your child is in the correct section within our group
Your Name
Your Address
Your Email Address Event details are usually emailed first. There are no paper forms for events. Email is also used to communicate information and changes to our weekly meetings.
Your Phone Number Occasionally we will need to contact you to discuss your child. Also, text messages are used to give last minute information about events and our weekly meetings.
Emergency Contact This can be the same as the first contact details you provided for us – this just lets us know your preferred contact details for a particular event.
Medical Details This is probably the most important information we require. The volunteers at 20th Worcester will be caring for your child for significant periods of time. Whilst young people are in our care we will be asking them to put sun cream on; or applying plasters if they hurt themselves; or giving them paracetamol if they are poorly; feeding them when they are hungry; or many other things – if your child has an allergy or intolerance then we need to know about it! . As they are in our care, we also need details of any behavioural issues that may affect our planning. All these details will remain on our secure server; they will never be printed out, and any conditions will not be discussed on email or text message between the leaders.
Name of Doctor’s Surgery This is required if we ever need to take your child to A & E.
Child’s NHS Number This is required if we ever need to take your child to A & E.
Child’s Date of Last Tetanus This is required if we ever need to take your child to A & E.
Consent for treatment This is required if we ever need to take your child to A & E or administer medication when they are in our care.
Photo Consent We need your consent to use photos from an event or our weekly meetings. If you cannot consent to photos for safeguarding reasons, please let us know separately and we will try our hardest to ensure this is known at public events.
Religion Your child will be in our care for significant periods of time. We need to know of any religious observances (rituals, food or holidays) that we need to plan for.
Ethnicity The Scout Association collects this data from us. They use it to help check that they have a diverse membership and to focus on ethnic groups that we are not currently appealing to.
Second Contact You will not always be available for us to contact when we need to. A second contact gives us more chances of getting any messages through. This is not required, but is very useful.
Swimming Ability 20th Worcester will probably take your child into or onto the water at some point. The Scout Association require that a child can swim for 50 metres and float for 5 minutes or a child requires more supervision in the water. Therefore, we need to know this in order to plan activities.
Bike Riding We need to know who can ride a bike in order to plan cycling activities.
Gift aid We can claim back the tax you have paid on all donations with your consent.