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Behaviour Policy

We’ve introduced a behavior policy for 20th Worcester. We hope this will help us improve as leaders and offer a better service to the children. You can find it at the link at the top of the page.

Team Work

Great evening at cubs learning how teams work together. Finished off with tightrope walking!



Cubs at The Countryside Centre

Another week coming up in our new home at the Countryside Centre.  (Next week is at St. Nicholas’ Church Barn.)

This week we’ll be looking at the Naturalist Badge, and it will be our first opportunity to get out in the wonderful woods we now have on our doorstep!

We’re back!

A great start to the Summer term.  We had lots of fun starting the athletics badge in cubs.  We learnt about stretching before and after exercise, then we had a quick run around.

The Beavers played some games and got to know our new members.  I enjoyed Whack-a-Kipper the best!

Air Activity

The Beavers and Cubs have been building paper air planes as part of their Air Activity badge.  We’ve build a Nakamura Lock and The Hurricane.  The Nakamura Lock flew really well, but The Hurricane was very difficult to throw.


We’ve been learning about space in Cubs over the last couple of weeks.  The Cubs did some brilliant research and learnt some great things about planets, black holes and comets.

Hopefully, the weather will be clear enough for us to get out and find some constellations soon!