Hikes Away!

Ready to start

One Saturday in September eight intrepid Scouts, four brave leaders and one adventurous Cub ventured into the wilds of Worcestershire on the hunt for a ruined castle.

The previous evening the Scouts had learnt all about Ordnance Survey maps, scales, grid references and compass points so they were all set to tackle Helen’s challenge: Find the ruin of Pirton Castle. And find it they did. A round trip of 10km later and they had successfully found the ruin, discovered who and why it was built (I won’t spoil it for you but it wasn’t why you’d think), eaten their delicious and well earned picnic, found Pirton Church and had lots of fun in the process.

We had the most beautiful cool but sunny weather, perfect for hiking. All the Scouts were well prepared and took great care over their safety, the well-being of their team and spirits were high throughout.

Navigator Stage 3

The hike not only gave them a Hikes Away credit but also, along with their previous work, their Navigator Staged Activity Badge – Stage 3.

Some of them went on to complete a second hike the following month, but this time during the night-time! But more on that later!

Here are some photographs from the day.